The Auteur.

July 29, 2010

My website is down right now. There’s a page on this blog now for you to buy Blammo if you feel like it. But, I guess the mini comics are going to be a bit harder to find now…

I’ve been freaking out about my site being down, because I feel like people don’t have a way of contacting me. So if you ever want to drop me a line:

Here’s a 3 pager from Blammo #5

For the past few days I’ve been drawing a chapter for The Hypo that is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m pretty excited about it.

I may never know if my comics are any good to tell you the truth. How could I? I see these thing through a filter and it is impossible to read my own work objectively. So, I don’t know if my book will be good enough for a publisher. I know I don’t have a very mainstream style that will appeal to all the people, but I do know that what I’ve been doing to the story of Lincoln is different than what has ever been done. And, that’s what keeps me going with it.

Full speed ahead. And if The Hypo’s lack of computer coloring and computer lettering is too much for a publisher to stand, than I’ll print it myself. It will be a beautiful object to me. A book about a man coming from nothing, and accomplishing a goal. Not just Abraham Lincoln, but me.

4 Responses to “The Auteur.”

  1. Josh Blair said

    I’m excited about ready The Hypo when it’s out. Any idea when it will be complete?

  2. Josh Blair said

    That should say “reading.”

  3. J.T. Yost said

    Hey man, Birdcage Bottom Books offered to publish it! We can’t offer you the luxury you’re accustomed to (private jets, champagne fountains and snorting coke off of prostitutes’ chests), but we can certainly cover the printing cost.

  4. Jordan Shiveley said

    like the new colouring

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