August 3, 2010

This is the kind of thing I draw in my notebooks.


3 Responses to “SKETCHBOOK BATMAN”

  1. agentofstrange said

    Greatest Batman story ever! Well, definitely in the top 5.

    I’ve only recently learned of your comics, and would like to purchase some, preferably directly so I can spend less on shipping and therefore more money on said comics. I don’t suppose you know of any store in Chicago that sells Blammo, do you? I know this may be a sore subject considering your difficulties with self-publishing (publishers are crazy, clearly), but I thought it was worth asking. I could also ask if you’ll be at C2E2, but I guess it’s sold out already.

    • nvansciver said

      Thanks a lot! I drew it in a coffee shop one afternoon and finally decide I may as well post it here.
      I can only mail you Blammo #6 directly unfortunately.
      The others are sold out unless you want to buy them from my link up there under BUY MY COMICS and then they will be printed on demand. Which ain’t so bad.
      The stores in Chicago that carry blammo are Chicago comics and Quimby’s
      unless they are currently sold out, but they order frequently from me.
      I agree, publishers are crazy! We’ll show them though.
      I won’t be at C2E2. I’ve never even been to Chicago yet! But I’ll be there briefly in a week and a half!

      • agentofstrange said

        Thanks for the leads. It turns out Chicago Comics had #3-5, and I got one of each. Quimby’s says they’re gonna get more from your distributor too, including #6, so I’ll be looking out for that.

        Also, after buying those issues, it occurred to me that the guilt trip aspect of your site is fairly effective, at least for those like me who consider ourselves literate intellectuals but still read more DC than we “should.” Of course, I really bought your shit because it was good, but the guilt trip probably helped it “jump the queue” over the many other things I’d like to read/buy.

        Oh one last thing… I think you might want to consider a list of stores who carry your stuff! At least the ones you know.

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