A story and colors that relate.

December 26, 2010

I think it was sometime before Halloween, or maybe after Halloween. It was in the fall time, definitely. I was walking to the movie theater where my girlfriend works now. I can see free movies anytime I want. And I take advantage of that. I’ve seen some really good things recently, all because my girlfriend works for practically no money.

So anyway, I was walking past this school, on the way to my girlfriend’s job to see a free movie. And in the back of the school there was a soccer field. The field was made out of brand new, bright astroturf with red, white, and yellow lines painted onto it. There were lights being shone on it. There were crisp leaves scattered everywhere. Still colorful. The air was only slightly brisk. The trees were still colorful too, as they lined the sidewalk. Behind the trees, tall apartment buildings, with signs of lives being had in the windows. I crunched as I walked on top of what was really the dead summer. I don’t like the summer. I’ll gladly walk all over it. Grind it down to bits with my shoes.

Through the chain link fence that caged the field there were a few people playing soccer. I couldn’t believe it. On a beautiful night, on a stunningly beautiful field, they were kicking around this ball and laughing to each other. Here were people who had truly taken advantage of this beastly autumn night in Denver. Bathing in the flood lights, unrestrained.

And I continued on, to sit inside a large dark room, to watch a movie about france.




One Response to “A story and colors that relate.”

  1. What the heck? Are you taking your meds?


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