Boy, drawing comics is one of the most psychologically draining thing that anyone could get into. It’s REALLY hard. Also, I’m so weak in the arms that it’s also physically tough. I’m drawing nearly all of the time. I have piles of different projects laying all around. It’s really pretty impressive I must say. The Hypo is still my main project. I MUST finish this thing. Here are some Mary Todd cut-out dolls I drew.

Feel free to print them out and have a great time with the young future first lady!

Take it easy. Avoid paper cuts!



The birth of a page.

January 12, 2011

From The Hypo:


“Inside Van Sciver’s anything-for-a-laugh approach lies a smart and sometimes suprisingly poignant writer.

-Glen Weldon                                                                                                                                             NPR


I never make new year’s resolutions. But this year, I have. I will finish The Hypo (my graphic novel based on Lincoln in springfield ) this year. 2011 will be the year I finish my first book. And I will post my progress on this blog. Friends, you can expect to follow me on this struggle for victory all year, right here on this very blog.

2011 will be the year I finish this book. Mark my words!

I’ve done a lot of pages and a lot of drawing and note taking for this thing. I’ve done a lot of pages already, but I’ve still got a long way to go. Every chapter I finish I paste into this book.


blammo #7 published by Kilgore books!

My biggest issue yet! I believe the page count on this issue will be 40 pages. I have to finish the last couple of pages that are just penciled, but other than that it’s done. As always I think that this is my best work. I focused on my drawing in this issue more than the last issue. And I’m very proud that Kilgore will be releasing #7. Those guys are really easy going, and supported me since I first walked into their shop to sell them #1.


I was on inkstuds with a couple of other cartoonists a few days ago. The topic was “2010’s best comics.” If you’d like to hear this interview click on the overly dramatic drawing of me going nowhere below:

I’m in my new apartment now. It’s pretty comfy. It actually feels more like a home than anywhere else I’ve rented. I was completely drained from living in that last apartment, man. I was paying just as much as my roommate, but it somehow became his place, and his buddies club house. I started to feel like a prisoner. All of my things were systematically removed from the rest of the apartment and put in closets or in my room to make way for his things as they accumulated. I became incredibly resentful over the past few years living like that. It became hard for me to work with the constant noise and loud, horse-like laughter far into the night. His complete inconsideration for human beings living around him was staggering.

Here’s a panel from the introduction of Noah Novella starring my old roomy.

This comic was reviewed here.

Until next time, remember that you all complete me.




2006 mini comic.

January 1, 2011


My advice to new cartoonists is to give it away for a while. I did mini comics for a few years that I would carry around in a backpack and leave around town, on the bus and in coffee shops. It’s just like the saying “the first ones always free.” This is just some stuff from inside of my mini comics from 2006.

I have a lot of things in the works for this new year!

First up is a comic book from 2d cloud of The Death of Elijah Lovejoy. I’m really excited for this to come out. 2d Cloud is a great little publisher. And the one and only Zak Sally will be printing this comic on his La Mano 21 printing press.

In January I’ll be doing a talk and draw at illiterate gallery on Broadway. Pretty interesting that they asked me to do this, even though when I was looking to do a show with some original 4 questions comic pages a year back they wouldn’t answer my e-mails….

So if you’re around you should stop by and see this amazing talk I have planned. Maybe I’ll have it filmed, and put it up here for all of you folks who know better than to come around these parts of the country.

Next up, is the “Blammo down under” tour in February and March. I’ll be going to Australia and New Zealand with Ethan to do some comic book selling and signing. I hope to god I make it out of that alive, and that a Dingo does not eat any babies. More details on that soon enough.

Oh yeah, also, Blammo #6 has made a few “Best of the year” lists recently. I think that’s pretty incredible. I’m extremely proud of Blammo. And I want to thank Kilgore for publishing this comic book when every single publisher told me to piss off. Just wait until the next issue comes out!

I’m in the process of moving today and tomorrow. So if I owe you some artwork, please, please be patient. I have to set up my drawing desk and unpack my pens. It’s really depressing. I hate moving. And it’s even worse to move in the snow.