2006 mini comic.

January 1, 2011


My advice to new cartoonists is to give it away for a while. I did mini comics for a few years that I would carry around in a backpack and leave around town, on the bus and in coffee shops. It’s just like the saying “the first ones always free.” This is just some stuff from inside of my mini comics from 2006.

I have a lot of things in the works for this new year!

First up is a comic book from 2d cloud of The Death of Elijah Lovejoy. I’m really excited for this to come out. 2d Cloud is a great little publisher. And the one and only Zak Sally will be printing this comic on his La Mano 21 printing press.

In January I’ll be doing a talk and draw at illiterate gallery on Broadway. Pretty interesting that they asked me to do this, even though when I was looking to do a show with some original 4 questions comic pages a year back they wouldn’t answer my e-mails….

So if you’re around you should stop by and see this amazing talk I have planned. Maybe I’ll have it filmed, and put it up here for all of you folks who know better than to come around these parts of the country.

Next up, is the “Blammo down under” tour in February and March. I’ll be going to Australia and New Zealand with Ethan to do some comic book selling and signing. I hope to god I make it out of that alive, and that a Dingo does not eat any babies. More details on that soon enough.

Oh yeah, also, Blammo #6 has made a few “Best of the year” lists recently. I think that’s pretty incredible. I’m extremely proud of Blammo. And I want to thank Kilgore for publishing this comic book when every single publisher told me to piss off. Just wait until the next issue comes out!

I’m in the process of moving today and tomorrow. So if I owe you some artwork, please, please be patient. I have to set up my drawing desk and unpack my pens. It’s really depressing. I hate moving. And it’s even worse to move in the snow.


3 Responses to “2006 mini comic.”

  1. Happy New Year! Probably the last one we’ll have for a while. Hey, isn’t that me on the cover? No, wait a minute, there’s no hyper-masculine dimpled chin. And the nose is a bit too semitic. But the eyes are just right. Maybe it is me with just a few elements lacking, like in real life. Oh, I get it. Great art, son. What subtle meaning interfused in all those curvy lines! Well, it’s time for the heating pad and Geritol. Give my love to all my former family members.



  2. Josh Blair said

    Australia sounds like a good time. Have fun.

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