2 pages from the Comics Explosion show!

January 14, 2011

I drew this 4 pager a couple of months ago about a fictional internet comic show when I was severely depressed and angry. Here’s 2 pages from it.

Most of the time the hosts of internet comic shows are complete goons. Slipping in and out of ebonics freely.  I remember watching a couple of these shows looking for Ethan being interviewed, and just being knocked out about grown men excited for the next Transformer movie, or some other impossibly bad summer blockbuster. Definitely a wellspring of mirth for me. I wish Michael Bay would die. I might put the complete 4 pager in Blammo #7.  Maybe I wont though… Maybe I’m still severely depressed.

One Response to “2 pages from the Comics Explosion show!”

  1. Jordan Shiveley said

    ahahaha aw fuck man 😀

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