I know how much my readers love dolls…

January 24, 2011

Boy, drawing comics is one of the most psychologically draining thing that anyone could get into. It’s REALLY hard. Also, I’m so weak in the arms that it’s also physically tough. I’m drawing nearly all of the time. I have piles of different projects laying all around. It’s really pretty impressive I must say. The Hypo is still my main project. I MUST finish this thing. Here are some Mary Todd cut-out dolls I drew.

Feel free to print them out and have a great time with the young future first lady!

Take it easy. Avoid paper cuts!


One Response to “I know how much my readers love dolls…”

  1. I love these! It’s super smart how you drew it so that her arms are folded modestly in so that her hands in each outer garment can have a different gesture. Brilliant overall.

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