A report to the readers.

March 9, 2011


I flew in from Australia yesterday. I’m home now, and getting used to being back in the cold winter again after the beautiful Australian summer. Blammo #7 is now out! If you buy one from this blog (Click the “BUY MY COMICS” button up above) I’ll personally mail you a copy. I would suggest buying it from here. I love stuffing envelopes.

Here are some pictures from my trip taken by my girlfriend Robin!

Me and Ethan.

Reading over the NEW ISSUE!

Robin reading it, and LOVING everything about it!

Blammo in front of the Sydney Opera house.

Blammo being sold in front of the opera house. There’s a sucker born everyday!

Signing time!

Drawing a comic for J.T. Yost in a hotel room.

Hotel room drawing!

Sitting next to Dan Slott (Spider man writer) at a convention in adelaide.

Darth Vader!

Well, I’m tired and I’ve got a lot of work to do! i’ll see you later!



4 Responses to “A report to the readers.”

  1. Raighne said

    You crack me up sir! Glad you got some adventuring in– it’s important, glad you’re back too!!

  2. Josh Blair said

    Why aren’t you all upside down?

  3. Man, the caption on the last drawing made me laugh so hard

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