Dueling comic.

March 23, 2011

Have you ever wondered what Robert Crumb thinks of the new issue of Blammo? Well, here’s a quote from a recent letter to my publisher Kilgore:

‎”Thanks for the copy of Blammo #7…I thought it was his best work yet…if he sticks with it he will soon reach the top ranks of comic-book artists…the story of the pathetic loser who gets conned by the girl on the bus was my favorite…his work advances both in the writing and the drawing…” — R.C.

The below comic is from The Hypo. It’s a part of the introduction to the book. All of the narration is written in a present tense, as if the story is unraveling presently and the present is the early to mid 1800’s.

11 Responses to “Dueling comic.”

  1. Josh Blair said

    Praise from Crumb — nice!

    Love seeing new pages from The Hypo, too.

  2. Blake Sims said

    That looks great man!

    Congrats on the Crumb letter as wel

  3. Dragon said

    Oh man, that is awesome. Crumb’s right, too.

  4. Jess Smart Smiley said


  5. Blake said

    In my book you are already “top ranks.”

    Keep up the great work Noah!

  6. Justin said

    The Hypo looks like the business, I want one!

  7. J.T. Yost said

    Holy crap times two!

  8. How do we know the letter wasn’t written by a Robert Crumb imposter? Let’s see the original!


  9. […] contributers like (current personal favourite) Noah Van Sciver, David Ziggy Greene (check out this great strip), Lauren Barnett, and loads more, I think […]

  10. […] it. What follows is an action comic — a surprise to me, even though, as I've found out, he's approached violence before — but an action comic with huge weight as it becomes a battle for the freedom of speech […]

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