Media invasion!

April 7, 2011

Okay, now the press is rolling in. I’m getting some feedback about the new issue and it’s been just great! Thank you so much for making a cancer bound fellow like me feel a little bit of worth before the angels come and take me back.

Here’s the latest round up:

ONE: I have a 3 part interview happening on the Daily Crosshatch. The first part is about me almost working with Pekar and Howard the duck. During this interview I kept thinking that Brian Heater really hated my comics and I think luckily that doesn’t appear to be too apparent in this first part. READ IT HERE

TWO: A few comic artists in Argentina know who I am and asked me to do the cover of their web comic series. My resulting illustration has awarded me praise from my girlfriend’s father. SEE IT HERE

THREE: MY VOICE! MY VOICE! Don’t you want to actually hear me explain Blammo? Your prayers have been answered! I actually allowed an interviewer into my home to talk to me. Indiespinner rack! HERE IT IS!


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