The park.

May 9, 2011


4 Responses to “The park.”

  1. A.P. Fuchs said

    I get the same way any time I walk past folks playing a game. “Please don’t involve me. Please don’t involve me.”

    Totally relate, man.

  2. Simon M said

    Actually, my greatest fear. Last time I tried to return a football to some tiny, sporty, children, I kicked my own ankle and glanced the ball so it rolled only a few inches further away from the tiny people. Oh, the judgement, oh the humiliation.

  3. It’s all my fault. I should have never put you in that Korean sweatshop when you were young. Why don’t you come down here to visit? I’ll put you through some remedial drills, teach you all the arts of true manliness, and put you on the path to a career with Seal Team Six. My son the Man. I like the sound of it!


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