Lincoln meeting Mary Todd.

May 24, 2011

The meeting of Lincoln and Mary todd.


9 Responses to “Lincoln meeting Mary Todd.”

  1. Carlos B. said

    Awesome. Seventh panel is great. Can’t imagine how long it took to do all the hatching and cross-hatching on these.

  2. Blake said

    Looking forward to this!

  3. A.P. Fuchs said

    This is really, really good stuff, man.

    If you end up having trouble finding a publisher, let me know. My company–Coscom Entertainment–dabbles in comics and plans on starting a GN line soon.

  4. The grey wash on these looks great man. I can’t decide which is better, with or without, but all of a sudden I’m leaning toward “with.”

  5. Blake said

    Going to miss you here at Heroes this year Noah!

  6. Jacob said

    This is VERY nice work, Noah. I didn’t know how you’re drawing style would translate to an historical piece, but this is great stuff. I’ve never been particularly interested in Lincoln, but your narrative style really brings his story to life. Keep the faith, man. I’m buying a copy whenever it’s printed.

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