Speed’s sad news

July 24, 2011

Another excerpt from The Hypo. This sequence takes place at the end of the 3rd chapter as things are falling apart for Lincoln. 



Today is my birthday. I wonder what lies in store for me in this new year? Hopefully this will be a pivotal year for me. I’ve been working hard lately. I’ve been drawing all of the time, and taking on bigger and bigger projects. I’m doing what I love and getting paid for it. And it’s wonderful. I just hope that this new 27 year old Noah Van Sciver will have more success. I hope I get my comics into places this year that I never would have thought I could have. And I hope that my favorite publisher agrees to put out The Hypo for me. I can see in my mind the man that I want to become and I’ve been clawing my way towards him for years. 27 let’s do this. Let’s go!


Last night T Edward Bak told me he was in town and wanted to hang out. We went to a bar near my apartment (Gabors) and talked until 2 in the morning.

Yes I am growing a mustache right now.

I’m always happy when a fellow comic artist stops by my town. And I like Bak. in 2009 we were on inkstuds together and also started appearing in MOME in the same issue. Even though he went on to be in every issue after that and I was shown the door for awhile. Oh, the embarrassment….

—————————————————————————————————- On saturday the 9th I’m doing a reading at Astroland in Boulder, Colorado. I am thinking about reading from The Hypo for the first time. I should try to get used to it I think.

And then on the 15th I’m having a small art show with an illustrator, Jackson Epstien at 3 Kings on broadway. I’ve been doing a lot of colored pen drawings for it. I’ll post them on here soon enough.

Here’s a list of what I have to finish soon and why I am so busy:

1. “The Lizard Laughed”- a 20 page comic for an anthology published by 2D Cloud

2. “The Cow’s Head”- a ten page story for a split comics newspaper with myself and nicolas Bruetzman. To be published by 2D cloud

3. “1999”- a 32 page comic book to be published by Retrofit comics

4. “Loving V. Virginia”- a bio comic for an equal marriage anthology

5. “4 Questions”- My weekly newspaper comic strip

6. “So..Loyal”- A short story written by Jonathan Baylis for his comic book So Buttons

7. Various illustration work all due NOW.

8. “Hot Lovin’ Everynight”- a collaborative comic book with John Porcellino. Published by us I think.

9. “The Book of Mormon orgins”- a 5 page serialized comic appearing in every issue of Sunstone magazine

10. A 3ft. by 3ft. painting for Kilgore books

11. All of those pen drawings for the art show.

12. More stuff that I’m forgetting right now.

13. Oh Yeah, that’s right- MY GRAPHIC NOVEL “The Hypo” that I want to be finished with by February!


My NEW COMIC BOOK has been review favorably thus far.

Review #1

“Noah Van Sciver’s The Death of Elijah Lovejoy is his single strongest work to date, especially in terms of his art.”

Review #2

“this book shows a high level of craft. ”

Review #3

“Would it be exaggerated hyperbole if I said I only wanted to read Noah Van Sciver mini-comics from this day forward?”

The comic was printed on Zak Sally’s printing press. And published by 2D Cloud. Here is where you can get it! HEREHEREHERE

I’m proud of this comic. I think it’s good. I hope you like it too.