Art sale.

August 25, 2011

Hello friends of Noah!

I have some framed colored pen drawings that I’m hoping to sell here so I have some money for rent whilst I finish up drawing my graphic novel. These beauties are $100 each plus $10 for shipping. Wouldn’t you like something that I drew in the comforts of my bed hanging on your wall for all of eternity? Why not? Sure you would. Plus it’s all for a great cause.

Just email and specify which drawing you’d like.



 ORANGE MAN (sold)

Maltese Falcon (SOLD!)

Blue man (sold)


Going, going

August 17, 2011

It takes a certain personality to be a cartoonist. I’ve always preferred to be by myself in a room than hanging out with a big group of friends. Drawing is a calming habit that I’ve kept up my whole life.  And I try to spread my work out as much as I can. I’m spinning a lot of plates right now. I’m real busy. Here are some of my works in progress:


These are pages from a comic I’m doing with 2d Cloud (the publisher of Death of Elijah Lovejoy). The plan is to have it printed on newsprint with a comic by Nicolas Bruetzman. 

Below are some pages from a longer story called “The Lizard Laughed” a father and son story. Also to be published by 2d cloud. 


Here are some pages from a comic book that I’m almost finished with that will be published by Retrofit comics some time this year I think. It’s called “1999” and is a 32 page one shot story. 

“1999” is similar in tone to a story I did in Blammo #6 called “Abbey’s Road” but it’s a bit more surreal. Below is the cover:

My big project is of course “The Hypo” which I probably would have finished years ago if I wasn’t constantly drawing other comics. Here’s a look at how that’s going:

So here it is. Not all of it. But some of the work in progress I have in my apartment. I really can’t wait for the day when I look back on this post and remember when these were the projects I was drawing. And by then I’ll have 10 more things to do…

What a life.

Recently I took part in a talk with Gb Tran, author of Vietnamerica. He’s a pretty awesome guy and his book is a HUGE accomplishment! Pretty incredible stuff.

Here are some photos from the event all taken by Christina Angel.

I would like to thank 5280 comic book classroom for asking me to take part in this event and for all of their hard work in having comics be recognized as a teaching tool and something to be respected. It was a fun night.

SPX 2011

August 10, 2011

I am attending SPX this year, and also I’m doing a reading at Atomic books in Baltimore the night before for their annual SPXPLOSION party. If you’re around you should go! It’s going to be great!


August 6, 2011

Last night I had a nightmare that a friend came over to my apartment to visit, and I wanted to show him pages from my book in progress (The Hypo) but I couldn’t find the pages. I was tearing my whole place apart searching, papers flying everywhere, and I could not find any of my book anywhere. I was in a frantic state as I awoke in the middle of the night. The fan by the window was pulling in the warm air from outside of my window. The late night was dark, and I could hear some people still awake talking in my courtyard. In my dream I had been going crazy. Everything was dramatic and orange. Now sitting up in my bed, my girlfriend’s body peacefully rising and falling with every breath, I realized it was only a dream. That I had my book. That everything was okay. I stared up at the corner of the room, where two walls meet the ceiling. I noted the different shades of darkness there, and I fell back asleep.

A week ago I lost a page of my book. I was at Office max using the photocopier and in a hurry I left a page in the machine. It’s gone now. Who knows where. A trash can or maybe at a dump by now. I’ve got to be more careful and get out of my head.

Here’s a page from the book of mormon project I’m doing.