August 6, 2011

Last night I had a nightmare that a friend came over to my apartment to visit, and I wanted to show him pages from my book in progress (The Hypo) but I couldn’t find the pages. I was tearing my whole place apart searching, papers flying everywhere, and I could not find any of my book anywhere. I was in a frantic state as I awoke in the middle of the night. The fan by the window was pulling in the warm air from outside of my window. The late night was dark, and I could hear some people still awake talking in my courtyard. In my dream I had been going crazy. Everything was dramatic and orange. Now sitting up in my bed, my girlfriend’s body peacefully rising and falling with every breath, I realized it was only a dream. That I had my book. That everything was okay. I stared up at the corner of the room, where two walls meet the ceiling. I noted the different shades of darkness there, and I fell back asleep.

A week ago I lost a page of my book. I was at Office max using the photocopier and in a hurry I left a page in the machine. It’s gone now. Who knows where. A trash can or maybe at a dump by now. I’ve got to be more careful and get out of my head.

Here’s a page from the book of mormon project I’m doing.

6 Responses to “Nightmare.”

  1. gabby said

    whoa whoa whoa what is this mormon business

  2. It’s interesting to me that your dream concerned something unpleasant about your artwork and when you awoke, you gradually realized the dream was just that– only a dream– and that in reality, everything was fine. Many people have the opposite happen. They dream about doing something they like or about experiencing something good or seeing someone they love– only to awaken and sadly realize that person is dead or out of their life, or that the thing they were doing in their dream is not at all what they do in the real world. Fortunately, your work looks great and certainly seems to be going well. You have people in your life who admire you and even love you. Many would say you have the life is sort of that other people can only dream of. Here’s hoping that the only bad things which happen to you, happen only rarely and only in your dreams, and that your waking life continues to go well for a very long time.

  3. hang in there noah! also, did you color that yourself?

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