September 28, 2011

Even though it’s really hot here in Denver tonight, I’m still happy that summer is over and it’s now fall time. I’m looking forward to wearing cardigans and sweaters as to hide my strange body. Today I’m posting this spooky comic I did for Blammo #7 in the spirit of Halloween which is coming up.


4 Responses to “Spooky.”

  1. Oh man, that one makes me shake. It got me all over again. I recognized it from #7, but forgot the ending.

  2. Josh B said

    I hear you, Noah. I like wearing hooded sweatshirts because it helps hide my scrawny body and bad posture.

  3. I remember reading that story in BLAMMO #7 and liking it. It’s got a lot going for it, not the least of which is the surprise ending. Good story, believable characters and nicely written and drawn. The scariest thing of all, is this could really happen.

  4. Athena said

    This story spooked me so bad when I read it in Blammo! Probably shouldn’t have read the whole issue in one night…

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