Buried alive!

October 29, 2011

One Response to “Buried alive!”

  1. Nice job, Noah. Believe it or not it was a big concern of many in the 19th century. Incidentally, I once had a cartoon strip called BURIED ALIVE and I took the strip to King Features Syndicate and met with the editor, the late Jay Kennedy. He looked at the first dozed strips or so and seemed bemused. Most of the action took place in and around the graveyard. Old ladies in babushkas got on and off buses. Drunks reclined against headstones. Birds perched on the limbs of trees. Kennedy scratched his head and asked me how long the guy was going to stay underground. I wasn’t sure how to answer him and hadn’t thought it through. He explained that they like to have a cartoon strip last at least 10 years. He politely sent me on my way. Now, I know that the guy could have died a horrible death, become a zombie, vowed revenge on humanity, clawed his way out and gone on a one man killing spree that could have lasted at least ten years as he pursued his victims from place to place and evaded authorities. But I liked your strip better. Would love to know what happens next….

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