More junky scrawls

December 30, 2011

This post only exists because I feel like I should have a new post. I’ve been drawing a lot of comics and illustrations for different anthologies and I don’t really have anything to put up here that’s worth anything really. So, I turned to my private notebooks for stuff. I guess they aren’t too private.

A recounting of working on my book, The Hypo.

This comic was drawn on a plane as I was flying to San Francisco to table at APE. I was supposed to pick up some contributer copies of MOME #22 from Eric Reynolds, and I had never met him before. Only talked to him through e-mails while submitting comics to the anthology. This was how I imagined the meeting going. It should be noted that it didn’t go like this. Eric is actually a swell guy.

Here’s another comic that sums up a trip I took to Minneapolis last spring.

See ya!




Because I have to.

December 14, 2011

Two quick links

December 13, 2011

Link number one: At length magazine asked the question “What novel would you turn into a comic book if you could?” I and a handful of other comics artists answer this question here:

Link two: The alternative weekly paper Westword sent me to the Denver Art Museum to have fun and then draw a comic about it. Here it is:

Thank you!

Showing the book.

December 6, 2011

My goal set last new year’s eve was to finish The Hypo by february 2012. Somehow I managed to finish it early. Well, I’m getting ready to ship the artwork to Fantagraphics, but first off, I wanted the Blammo publishers to get a quick look at it. So, Dan Stafford at Kilgore books got some fat tires and I walked over to the shop on a freezing, snowy night, with the my book under my arms. It was a memorable night for me.

Here’s my neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

The four portfolios of The Hypo:

Here’s Dan reading the pages.

Zines at Kilgore:

Later that night, outside of Kilgore:

Their reaction at the shop was awesome. Made me feel warm on a freezing night.


This just in: Blammo 7 1/2 is now available!

Pictured below: A very tired cartoonist with a brand new comic book!

This comic book is not going to be available in stores at all. It’s for fans only. There will be two ways to get your own copy of this exciting new comic:

ONE: From me directly at conventions or signings.

TWO: Right here from this blog! Click here to get a copy of this rare beauty!

Wow! What gorgeous collectible!

They rarely make them like that anymore!