More junky scrawls

December 30, 2011

This post only exists because I feel like I should have a new post. I’ve been drawing a lot of comics and illustrations for different anthologies and I don’t really have anything to put up here that’s worth anything really. So, I turned to my private notebooks for stuff. I guess they aren’t too private.

A recounting of working on my book, The Hypo.

This comic was drawn on a plane as I was flying to San Francisco to table at APE. I was supposed to pick up some contributer copies of MOME #22 from Eric Reynolds, and I had never met him before. Only talked to him through e-mails while submitting comics to the anthology. This was how I imagined the meeting going. It should be noted that it didn’t go like this. Eric is actually a swell guy.

Here’s another comic that sums up a trip I took to Minneapolis last spring.

See ya!



One Response to “More junky scrawls”

  1. Excellent, Noah. Especially the Eric Reynolds strip.

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