This is from Blammo #6. It should be noted that I’m actually a big fan of Dylan.


I’m selling some artwork again for CHEAP.

But first a comic about my new sale:

Email me here: ¬† and tell me which drawing you want and it’s YOURS. Easy. So easy.


81/2 x11 ¬†I did this drawing for a great website. I like this drawing. It represents my struggle against my own fans. It’s a tough life, man. $30 paypal and I’ll mail it to you.


10×13?? I am too tired to remember. This is a page I cut out of The Hypo, my much anticipated Graphic Novel coming November from Fantagraphics. $50 bucks plus 5 for shipping gets you a piece of history. Looks a lot better in real life than this dime store digital photo would lead you to believe.


9×12 Who doesn’t love that dang book? Only bad people. And you aren’t a bad person are you? That’s what I thought. So, anyway, this is $25.


Same size as the other page from The Hypo. Can you believe how many pages I drew for that book that got taken out in editing? (It’s because I can’t deal with life or something. I hide behind a piece of bristol board.) Well, here’s yet another one. $50 plus 5 for shipping.

Thank you!


Cow’s head

January 19, 2012

Here’s an excerpt from a comic I’m currently drawing.


January 4, 2012

Here’s another comic from my sketchbook. The lyrics to my favorite Deerhunter song “Coronado.” This was just me goofing around once again.

Here’s the actual song: