The Krampus visits Bob Dylan.

January 30, 2012

This is from Blammo #6. It should be noted that I’m actually a big fan of Dylan.

3 Responses to “The Krampus visits Bob Dylan.”

  1. I went to a Dylan concert in Albuquerque a few years ago. He played almost the entire time with his back to the audience. You could tell he had nothing but contempt for every one of us. He’s too good for us. There’s so much truth in your art. I love you .

  2. Tyreen Reuter said


    #1. Dylan signed an autograph for my husband, even with his ugly face. And was nice to him twice.
    #2. Dylan was witnessed yelling at a guy in a wheelchair once, because the guy thought the wheelchair gave him special rights.
    #3. Dylan’s house in Malibu doesn’t look anything like that mansion. It’s basically a dirt lot with stray chickens, not llamas.
    #4. I saw Dylan give a brisket sandwich from the Carnegie Deli to a homeless man.
    #5. Dylan travels by bus, not helicopter.
    #6. I love your cartoon, and Krampus rocks.

  3. Emile said

    Love your comix,man!!
    if possible,a little bigger size next time,pleeaaaaase?????? (your drawing really deserves it)
    Keep rockin!!

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