Turtle neck

February 8, 2012

8 Responses to “Turtle neck”

  1. I’ll wager Noah Van Sciver is getting tired of me liking his work. I don’t know what’s wrog with people–the man’s a GENIUS. I suppose the vast majority of Americans just can’t appreciate how good he is. Well perhaps their apathy will spur him on to greater success. One can only hope. In the meantime, I’m loving it….

  2. MariNaomi said

    This is so brilliant. Now I have a (stolen) comeback for that Superbowl question. Or when people ask me if I want to have babies.

  3. Suffering runs in the paternal side of the family. It’s what we do, what we excel in, what we’re known for. It’s written into our DNA. It is our genetic prime directive. I enjoyed your cartoon. I love you.

  4. I love that the the critic is from the 90’s.

  5. Ryan said

    You fucking rule.

  6. You’re self centered, misanthropic and megalomaniac, which are the first steps to becoming a genius, it’s just a matter of time now. I read the 3 latest issues of Blammo last week and they were pretty good, “Abby’s Road” and “Who are you Jesus?” were two of my favorites. I’m looking forward to purchasing your fantagraphic book !

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