Many versions of The Hypo

May 11, 2012

I asked Minneapolis artist Raighne Hogan to do the coloring on the cover of  my Fantagraphics book The Hypo after I finished it. I love his style and wanted the colors on the cover to have more emotional depth than flat computer colors could have given.  He’s an amazing artist and sent me a lot of different versions to choose from. He’s also the co-publisher of 2d Cloud, a little boutique publisher that has published a few of my comics and will continue to do so in the future. I strongly recommend talking to him if you want your book to have the 2d cloud look.

Check out more of Raighne’s work and maybe pick up some of the comics he publishes HERE.

6 Responses to “Many versions of The Hypo”

  1. Dan said

    The layout and colors look great! I know you didn’t ask for folks to list their favorites, but for what it’s worth, the 4th one stands out to me personally the most, followed by the 3rd one, and then the last one. They all look great though, so I don’t think you can go wrong regardless which one you use.

  2. Your artwork looks great and I like the coloring on the last one the most.

  3. Matt said

    after you sell a bazillion of whatever cover you pick you can release alternate covers in limited runs for dumbasses like me that’ll buy your book 8 times

  4. J.T. Yost said

    I’m votin’ for the third one down.

  5. Th. said


    Personally, since the conversation’s opened, I like the first. I like no flesh tones and fewer colors. Makes it look more period.

  6. When will we be able to pre-order “Hypo”, Noah? And who (“from whom?”) do you prefer us ordering through?

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