New stuff.

June 21, 2012

Denver Comic con

Here’s a panel I did with other Denver cartoonists. I’m wearing my white trash hunter’s hat.

More random sketchbook junk:

I have a two page comic in this week’s Westword called “12 Types of Denver Musicians.” If you live in my city then you should pick it up.

If you live elsewhere, here is a link to the comic on

I also did a comic about visiting the Denver Zoo

The link to this comic is here here here here here

And finally, I was recently in NYC promoting The Hypo with Fantagraphics editor Eric Reynolds. Heres a link to an interview I did with MTV about the book which will be out in a couple months Here here here here here

I’m that awkward one on the end of this panel. I’m pretty impaired at putting my thoughts into words. I should work on that I think. Maybe I’m too shy.

See ya!


Pages for sale!

June 10, 2012

Hello, friends! I’m looking to sell the original art from a story I did for the last issue of KUS!. I’m doing 50 bucks a page. Here they are. E-mail to claim a page.

PAGE ONE (sold)

PAGE TWO (sold)

PAGE THREE (sold out)

PAGE FOUR (sold)

Don’t wait. Could go fast!