Pages for sale!

June 10, 2012

Hello, friends! I’m looking to sell the original art from a story I did for the last issue of KUS!. I’m doing 50 bucks a page. Here they are. E-mail to claim a page.

PAGE ONE (sold)

PAGE TWO (sold)

PAGE THREE (sold out)

PAGE FOUR (sold)

Don’t wait. Could go fast!

3 Responses to “Pages for sale!”

  1. Josh Blair said

    That was quick! Perhaps people are already seeing what your work is going for on eBay and hoping to make a quick buck once The Hypo is released.

  2. greg said

    or perhaps we just like nice comic art and want to hang it on our wall. not everyone is looking to cash in.

  3. Josh Blair said

    Hi, my name is Josh, and sometimes I like to make jokes.

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