The Hypo at Kilgore books!

August 29, 2012


Lincoln pages for sale

August 20, 2012

Hello, friends. I’ve been pretty busy here lately doing press for The Hypo, drawing comics for Blammo #8 and working on my 2nd graphic novel, Saint Cole. I’ve also been preparing for a trip with my old pal John Porcellino. On the trip John and I are going to visit The Lincoln tomb in Springfield, Illinois, and then continue onward to Bethesda, Maryland for SPX.

This year’s SPX will be special for me not only because of The Hypo premiering but also because I’m up for an Ignatz award for “Outstanding mini comic” for The Death Of Elijah Lovejoy.  Hooray!


I’m selling some pages from the mini comic I did for Fantagraphics called “Who is dead in the white house?” If you are interested in any of these pages please email and let me know which one you want. these pages are about 11x13ish Deal? Deal.

ABE ONE  $75 (sold)

ABE STAIRS (sold) $75

ABE CORPSE $75 (sold)

ABE EAST ROOM $75 (sold)

ABE GUN $75 (sold)

ABE BED $75 (sold)


I am also selling these two pages from a comic I did recently for the humor mag The Devastator. These pages are slightly smaller.

Page one $50 (sold)

Page two $50 (sold)