Comic art for your collection

September 28, 2012

Here’s some mote pages I’m selling! Email me at with the name of the page you are interested in! Here we go!

Dog on Wheels (sold)

paint on bristol. This comic will appear in the upcoming Blammo #8 and was painted shortly after my heart was decimated by a long time girlfriend. Though working on it did take my mind off of the agony. $100 and it’s yours. Good riddance.

Mary Todd migrane #1

This is a deleted page from The Hypo wherein Ms. Todd suffers from a migraine headache. This page was drawn when I lived in a two bedroom apartment with a very messy roommate who had his loud friends over every night to play loud video games in the living room. I, the suffering young artist, had to learn to work amongst these awful and inconsiderate humans. $100

Mary Todd Migrane #2 (sold)

Here is the next page from that same deleted scene. Here we find Ms. Todd vomiting in the last panel. Also drawn whilst painfully enduring the horrors outside my bedroom door. Those were the days. I think.


Dresses (sold)

Well lookie here! This page of dresses was published in the back of my highly acclaimed debut graphic novel The Hypo. Holy cow. $75 and you can own this perfectly delightful piece of artwork!

Lincoln study(sold)

Another deleted scene from The Hypo. Good lord! I sure did struggle through a lot of changes while working on that book! This is a respectable piece of comic art. Isn’t it? ??


Limp Bizkit (sold)

I don’t remember what I drew this for. I dislike the band but I still felt the urge to draw their music video into a comic. I guess I’m just some asshole hipster. This page is for $50


Here’s a nice thing! Gosh darn it! A superb piece of humor here. A rare treat. This is a coca cola ad for The Hypo. You can own this page and confound your friends! I really like this page and would love for you to have it.


Thank you very much! Here I am with my new girlfriend Liz!


The making of

September 9, 2012