200 pages…

November 27, 2019


I’m now 200 pages into my graphic novel “Joseph Smith and his Mormons” which is longer than any straight narrative I’ve ever written.  I’ve said it over and over, this is the toughest comic I’ve ever drawn. The hardest thing I’ve ever written, the the most labor-intensive period of my life. But also the most enthusiastically I’ve taken on building a world. It feels like I am in the middle of such a strange journey. And though I have exhausted myself, have come close to running out of money, and may possibly be in over my head (time will tell), this has been a valuable experience that I’ll carry with me long after the book is on the store shelves at last…




In the meantime please support my work by pre-ordering my newest book here!

Thank you very much!



2 Responses to “200 pages…”

  1. Looks great, Noah. All I can offer is keep Going !

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