July 12, 2022

Pre-ordered copies of Joseph Smith and The Mormons have begun to arrive to their customers and the early word is great! Here’s some early press and reviews:

The New Yorker has run a 20 page excerpt and interview here:

Booklist has a featured a star review in the newest issue which which states:

“I needed to draw this book because I needed to know who Joseph Smith was.” The
result is an extraordinary, full-color chronicle about an almost illiterate teen from a “scrying”
family (the Smiths, reputed to be frauds, used a “seer” stone to allegedly locate treasures), who
managed to convince thousands that he was a prophet in direct communication with God,
despite committing acts of financial, legal, moral, and marital fraud….Gobsmacked reactions indubitably await.”

Another starred review in Publisher Weekly:

“Van Sciver was raised Mormon and expertly threads the needle here, allowing space for genuine belief while highlighting human moments of doubt, dissembling, and anger in the Latter-day Saint prophet. It’s an exemplar graphic narrative, reminiscent of Chester Brown’s Louis Riel, and will resonate with both believers and skeptics.”

And finally from Kirkus reviews:

“Beautifully drawn, contentious, and word-heavy, offering everything about early Mormonism that anyone might like to know.”

So here we go! Friends, if you’d like to order your own copy, hit this link, and encourage your bookstores and libraries to stock copies of Joseph smith and The Mormons!


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