August 1, 2022

I did my first signing at Odd Bird Books for the release of Joseph Smith and The Mormons, and the turn out was wonderful. Current members, ex-members and never members of the LDS church all came out to talk and pick up a copy of the graphic novel. After the past couple of years I really appreciate getting a chance to meet and talk with people in person whenever I can.

And here’s some more press:

“The only faith I had was that I grew up in this church, but how much did I even know about it? If I reinvestigated that, would I be able to reclaim that faith?”

I was a guest on Gil Roth’s Virtual Memories podcast:

A review of Joseph Smith And The Mormons on the Comics Beat:

“As outsiders looking in, there’s a certain distance between subject and reader as well as author and subject. Van Sciver does his best, and succeeds, at showing the qualities that made Joseph Smith a totem for America’s religious vibrancy. At the same time, Joseph’s carnal foibles and overzealousness is not ignored.”