BLAMMO # 1-5



THE DEATH OF ELIJAH LOVEJOYPlease do buy this comic published by 2D cloud. All copies printed by Zak Sally in Minneapolis on his printing press. All were put together by hand, are very limited and are very special little comics. I am very proud of this comic. I mean it. Click the picture to be taken to the 2d cloud site to purchase. 

Blammo #7 1/2 (click image to buy)


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  3. […] The final story features a Grant lookalike who nearly misses being trapped in a horror story all his own. The story wraps back the reporter from the first page and manages a few things in a short space. It ties together the violence of the previous stories, the Grant story, religion, fate/karma, and the ironic hipster gags that we began with. In short, Noah hasn’t published a simple collection of stories. He’s published a book that holds together as a unit. Thing concept album, and a solid one, and you’ll have a sense of what I mean. I highly recommend buying yourself a copy. […]

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