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August 1, 2022

I did my first signing at Odd Bird Books for the release of Joseph Smith and The Mormons, and the turn out was wonderful. Current members, ex-members and never members of the LDS church all came out to talk and pick up a copy of the graphic novel. After the past couple of years I really appreciate getting a chance to meet and talk with people in person whenever I can.

And here’s some more press:

“The only faith I had was that I grew up in this church, but how much did I even know about it? If I reinvestigated that, would I be able to reclaim that faith?”

I was a guest on Gil Roth’s Virtual Memories podcast:

A review of Joseph Smith And The Mormons on the Comics Beat:

“As outsiders looking in, there’s a certain distance between subject and reader as well as author and subject. Van Sciver does his best, and succeeds, at showing the qualities that made Joseph Smith a totem for America’s religious vibrancy. At the same time, Joseph’s carnal foibles and overzealousness is not ignored.”


More press for the graphic novel Joseph Smith And The Mormons this week:

There’s a feature article on me and the process of creating the book from Publishers Weekly:

An article in the Salt Lake Tribune:

““There are things,” he said, “that are uncomfortable about the story that I don’t really know how to make comfortable.”

Steven Heller and I chat for

“Noah Van Sciver’s graphic bio “Joseph Smith and the Mormons”(Abrams ComicArts) may be the first graphic novel of its kind. It takes an unflinching look at all the monumental moments of Smith’s extraordinary and controversial life and death.”

The release of the graphic novel in bookstores is approaching quickly and though I can’t travel for a book tour as we used to be able to do, I will be signing copies at Odd Bird Books here in Columbia, SC on the 26th starting at 6pm. If you are reading this and live around these parts please stop by!

But if you aren’t and still want a copy signed (and doodled in) you can reserve a copy from Odd Bird here:

Pre-ordered copies of Joseph Smith and The Mormons have begun to arrive to their customers and the early word is great! Here’s some early press and reviews:

The New Yorker has run a 20 page excerpt and interview here:

Booklist has a featured a star review in the newest issue which which states:

“I needed to draw this book because I needed to know who Joseph Smith was.” The
result is an extraordinary, full-color chronicle about an almost illiterate teen from a “scrying”
family (the Smiths, reputed to be frauds, used a “seer” stone to allegedly locate treasures), who
managed to convince thousands that he was a prophet in direct communication with God,
despite committing acts of financial, legal, moral, and marital fraud….Gobsmacked reactions indubitably await.”

Another starred review in Publisher Weekly:

“Van Sciver was raised Mormon and expertly threads the needle here, allowing space for genuine belief while highlighting human moments of doubt, dissembling, and anger in the Latter-day Saint prophet. It’s an exemplar graphic narrative, reminiscent of Chester Brown’s Louis Riel, and will resonate with both believers and skeptics.”

And finally from Kirkus reviews:

“Beautifully drawn, contentious, and word-heavy, offering everything about early Mormonism that anyone might like to know.”

So here we go! Friends, if you’d like to order your own copy, hit this link, and encourage your bookstores and libraries to stock copies of Joseph smith and The Mormons!

Cartoonist chats and more!

August 26, 2020

I started my own youtube channel recently!

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The Artist’s Story.

March 9, 2020


200 pages…

November 27, 2019


I’m now 200 pages into my graphic novel “Joseph Smith and his Mormons” which is longer than any straight narrative I’ve ever written.  I’ve said it over and over, this is the toughest comic I’ve ever drawn. The hardest thing I’ve ever written, the the most labor-intensive period of my life. But also the most enthusiastically I’ve taken on building a world. It feels like I am in the middle of such a strange journey. And though I have exhausted myself, have come close to running out of money, and may possibly be in over my head (time will tell), this has been a valuable experience that I’ll carry with me long after the book is on the store shelves at last…




In the meantime please support my work by pre-ordering my newest book here!

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September 26, 2019


Blammo 10 at the Ringos…

August 31, 2019


I was having a dream last night about kickstarting another issue of Blammo and when I woke up I saw this notice in my email of the last issue being nominated for a Ringo award! I appreciate it! Pros can see all of the nominees and vote in the link below if you’re so inclined.


I’ve returned after my crushing, CRUSHING loss at the Eisner Awards. Anyways, it’s wonderful to be nominated and I’m honored for the tip of the hat from the comic book industry.

From the Associate of Mormon Letters we have a short interview following my win at this year’s AML awards. Link below!

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 7.32.51 AM

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois on a research trip for this mammoth Joseph smith graphic novel I’ve been entrenched in. I was able to take many photos, to talk with practicing LDS and Community of Christ members and even spend some time with my dear old pal John Porcellino for which I’m always grateful.

But now it’s back to work again. Back to the books and notes– back to silently gazing out the window trying to sort out the details…

Hope you’ve been well, whoever and wherever you are.