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July 11, 2013



Blammo #8

June 30, 2013

So basically, I drew most of the comics in this issue after splitting with a long time girlfriend who I had shared an apartment with. I had to move in with my mom in a spare bedroom. I spent my time there locked away writing. This issue is the result of that time. A mix of comics that all in some way were about what I was going through. If you want a copy and can’t find one in a store please paypal noahvansciver@gmail.com $5 and I’ll mail you one. Here’s a review on the Comics Beat!



May 7, 2013


I’ve been drawing a story lately called “Saint Cole.” 

The story centers around a 28 year old man named Joe in an American suburb who works overtime at a pizza restaurant to support his girlfriend, Nicole, and their child, Oscar. Nicole invites her mother, Angela, who has recently split with her boyfriend, to move into their 2 bedroom apartment and sleep on the futon. Only until she gets herself on her feet again. 


Angela is a battling drug-addict with only 9 fingers. A bad influence who has a strained relationship with her own children. Nicole being the exception. Angela is an emotional manipulator who knows how to play Nicole and used tactics to gain a place in her daughter’s already crowded small apartment.


Nicole and Joe have been having problems ever since Nicole got pregnant. Joe never wanted to have a family, didn’t necessarily want to stay with Nicole and feels trapped by her. Nicole is a sweet girl who loves Joe in spite of his mood swings and is trying to keep things together at least for the sake of Oscar. Nicole doesn’t work. She hasn’t since she had Oscar. This is a giant cause of tension between herself and Joe. 



Alcohol is becoming a major problem in Joe’s life. Since gaining the responsibility of raising a child and supporting Nicole Joe has been escaping into alcohol and work everyday. His life isn’t what he wanted for himself and he doesn’t want to deal with it. He thinks he loves Nicole but resents her at the same time. He wasn’t ready to settle down with anyone at all, and when she got pregnant he had to. Probably they wouldn’t still be with each other if he didn’t feel he had to be. Joe wants out somehow. He’s angry. He’s in a position to act rashly. 

I’ve been posting the chapters of the story here: 


Every chapter represents one day of 4 days in which the story unfolds into a chaotic mess. 




Talk/reading at MOCAD

April 18, 2013

Rabbit moon comic

October 20, 2012

Adrift with lizards

October 10, 2012

Comic art for your collection

September 28, 2012

Here’s some mote pages I’m selling! Email me at noahvansciver@gmail.com with the name of the page you are interested in! Here we go!

Dog on Wheels (sold)

paint on bristol. This comic will appear in the upcoming Blammo #8 and was painted shortly after my heart was decimated by a long time girlfriend. Though working on it did take my mind off of the agony. $100 and it’s yours. Good riddance.

Mary Todd migrane #1

This is a deleted page from The Hypo wherein Ms. Todd suffers from a migraine headache. This page was drawn when I lived in a two bedroom apartment with a very messy roommate who had his loud friends over every night to play loud video games in the living room. I, the suffering young artist, had to learn to work amongst these awful and inconsiderate humans. $100

Mary Todd Migrane #2 (sold)

Here is the next page from that same deleted scene. Here we find Ms. Todd vomiting in the last panel. Also drawn whilst painfully enduring the horrors outside my bedroom door. Those were the days. I think.


Dresses (sold)

Well lookie here! This page of dresses was published in the back of my highly acclaimed debut graphic novel The Hypo. Holy cow. $75 and you can own this perfectly delightful piece of artwork!

Lincoln study(sold)

Another deleted scene from The Hypo. Good lord! I sure did struggle through a lot of changes while working on that book! This is a respectable piece of comic art. Isn’t it? ??


Limp Bizkit (sold)

I don’t remember what I drew this for. I dislike the band but I still felt the urge to draw their music video into a comic. I guess I’m just some asshole hipster. This page is for $50


Here’s a nice thing! Gosh darn it! A superb piece of humor here. A rare treat. This is a coca cola ad for The Hypo. You can own this page and confound your friends! I really like this page and would love for you to have it.


Thank you very much! Here I am with my new girlfriend Liz!

The making of

September 9, 2012

The Hypo at Kilgore books!

August 29, 2012

Lincoln pages for sale

August 20, 2012

Hello, friends. I’ve been pretty busy here lately doing press for The Hypo, drawing comics for Blammo #8 and working on my 2nd graphic novel, Saint Cole. I’ve also been preparing for a trip with my old pal John Porcellino. On the trip John and I are going to visit The Lincoln tomb in Springfield, Illinois, and then continue onward to Bethesda, Maryland for SPX.

This year’s SPX will be special for me not only because of The Hypo premiering but also because I’m up for an Ignatz award for “Outstanding mini comic” for The Death Of Elijah Lovejoy.  Hooray!


I’m selling some pages from the mini comic I did for Fantagraphics called “Who is dead in the white house?” If you are interested in any of these pages please email noahvansciver@gmail.com and let me know which one you want. these pages are about 11x13ish Deal? Deal.

ABE ONE  $75 (sold)

ABE STAIRS (sold) $75

ABE CORPSE $75 (sold)

ABE EAST ROOM $75 (sold)

ABE GUN $75 (sold)

ABE BED $75 (sold)


I am also selling these two pages from a comic I did recently for the humor mag The Devastator. These pages are slightly smaller.

Page one $50 (sold)

Page two $50 (sold)