The Plunge

April 29, 2019


Columbus, Ohio

April 23, 2019


Palmyra, NY

April 12, 2019


Editing Joseph Smith

April 3, 2019

I’m in this spot now where I keep editing and tightening up the first 100 pages of my Joseph Smith book which is a good thing to do but bad feeling because I’m not making progress on the page count, only chopping sections out. Here are some random pages from the chopping block.



The book will be about 250+ pages long, but the story needs to be tighter and stick to the straight forward narrative without spinning off into unnecessary information or the book will be a slog to get through for a reader. It’s easy to get excited about details when you’re working on a passion project and learning things that excite you, and to lose sight of the basic plot. Especially with a historic project, finding and sticking to the story you want to tell can be tricky. It’s easy to get lost.

What information the reader needs and what’s too much is the tightrope walk….


Every morning…

March 19, 2019


This past year I’ve been working hard on a new graphic novel which will tell the life story of Joseph Smith and the founding of his religion the Latter Day Saints.

This is an important subject for me because I was raised in the church until I was 13 and taking on the research for this book has been useful in discovering, realizing and understanding my own identity. More on that stuff later. Here’s an excerpt from this still ongoing project…


The new, and final, volume of the Fante Bukowski saga is available in stores now (or here:  )  and I hope you’ll pick it up so that it doesn’t live up to its name. Here’s a sample of the book:






July 4, 2018


11 Years later….

June 4, 2018

The tenth issue of Blammo has just been published


I recall first discovering alternative comics and making my own. Yeah, yeah, yeah- I’ve told this story over and over; working my bagel shop day job and drawing my comics at night. Making mini comics and leaving them around my hometown of Denver, CO for free….

I remember getting a box of the first issue of Blammo in the mail back in 2007. Seeing that I could draw and publish my own comic book was powerful. Since then I’ve more or less kept the series going at as an annual and I’ve taken it very serious, deeply considering every story I publish in each new issue. The link to buy the tenth Blammo (in full color!) is above and here.

Thanks for your time! hope you’re all well!