Elijah Lovejoy November 7th 1837: Part one

September 22, 2010

Elijah Lovejoy was the editor of the Alton Observer. On three occasions, his printing press was destroyed by pro-slavery factions who wanted to stop his publishing abolitionist views. On November 7, 1837, a pro-slavery mob approached a warehouse belonging to merchant Winthrop Sargent Gilman that held Lovejoy’s fourth printing press.

To be Continued…

10 Responses to “Elijah Lovejoy November 7th 1837: Part one”

  1. Blake said

    Great work Noah!

  2. Loris Z. said

    That’s what I call a cliffhanger!

  3. patty smith said

    the gradual change in panels is amazing. really nailed it. i definitely got pissed when i read it was to be continued…must know what happens

  4. tim goodyear said

    i love the gore and the three fingers too

  5. Geezus, effenheimer christ Noah! Your comics-wow- they are incredible sir. I wish I had bags of money lying around to drop on yah to keep you comfortable at it.

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