My resolution for 2011:To love you more.

January 9, 2011

“Inside Van Sciver’s anything-for-a-laugh approach lies a smart and sometimes suprisingly poignant writer.

-Glen Weldon                                                                                                                                             NPR


I never make new year’s resolutions. But this year, I have. I will finish The Hypo (my graphic novel based on Lincoln in springfield ) this year. 2011 will be the year I finish my first book. And I will post my progress on this blog. Friends, you can expect to follow me on this struggle for victory all year, right here on this very blog.

2011 will be the year I finish this book. Mark my words!

I’ve done a lot of pages and a lot of drawing and note taking for this thing. I’ve done a lot of pages already, but I’ve still got a long way to go. Every chapter I finish I paste into this book.


blammo #7 published by Kilgore books!

My biggest issue yet! I believe the page count on this issue will be 40 pages. I have to finish the last couple of pages that are just penciled, but other than that it’s done. As always I think that this is my best work. I focused on my drawing in this issue more than the last issue. And I’m very proud that Kilgore will be releasing #7. Those guys are really easy going, and supported me since I first walked into their shop to sell them #1.


I was on inkstuds with a couple of other cartoonists a few days ago. The topic was “2010’s best comics.” If you’d like to hear this interview click on the overly dramatic drawing of me going nowhere below:

I’m in my new apartment now. It’s pretty comfy. It actually feels more like a home than anywhere else I’ve rented. I was completely drained from living in that last apartment, man. I was paying just as much as my roommate, but it somehow became his place, and his buddies club house. I started to feel like a prisoner. All of my things were systematically removed from the rest of the apartment and put in closets or in my room to make way for his things as they accumulated. I became incredibly resentful over the past few years living like that. It became hard for me to work with the constant noise and loud, horse-like laughter far into the night. His complete inconsideration for human beings living around him was staggering.

Here’s a panel from the introduction of Noah Novella starring my old roomy.

This comic was reviewed here.

Until next time, remember that you all complete me.





4 Responses to “My resolution for 2011:To love you more.”

  1. Blake said

    Great news about The Hypo! Looking forward to it.

  2. Maybe I should be loved more after all. George Bernard Shaw said “It is better for a parent to be a horrible warning than a good example.” Well, then, I qualify, and it should be duly recognized.

    I’ve been thinking of appropriate warning labels for your next book. The following come to mind:
    May cause uncontrolled ululation.
    For external use only.
    May cause excitability.
    Warning: flammable.
    Do not view while operating heavy machinery.
    Not a significant source of calories.
    Limited edition: fewer than 100 million copies will be printed.
    No purchase unnecessary.

    Your disciples need you more than ever. Don’t let them down.

    Founder of America’s Hip-Pop Movement

  3. A couple of years ago I was thinking about doing a comic on the duel between James Shields and Abe Lincoln. I’m related to James Shields (my mom’s maiden name is Shields) and I’ve heard family stories about him and visited his statue. But I never got around to it and then I heard you talking about the duel on Inkstuds! I’m super thrilled that you’re doing a book on Lincoln. I can’t think of any one who could do it better!

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