The Bad Dream.

February 16, 2011

Myself and some other comic artists did a sighing- I mean SIGNING at Mile high comics the other day. Home of the biggest selection of super heroes you’ll find  anywhere on the planet, and just about no (besides of course the obvious stuff like Love & Rockets) Alternative comics. So naturally I showed up with my stapled sadness (Blammo) and prepared for the currency to roll in. It did not. Here’s a picture of myself and Sam Spina in front of some statues of heroes.

I never wanted to do anything but what I’m doing now. Well, Technically I wanted to be a paleontologist for a while when I was a kid (Something to do with how much I enjoyed drawing Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park), but that was in between wanting to draw for a living.  Lately though, I haven’t been drawing as much. I just can’t finish a page anymore. I’ve got so many things to do…. I think I might be burnt out. I put a pen in my hand and put my hand down on bristol board and it wont do what it usually does. I’ve pushed myself too hard.  So, I am going to take a little break. Relax somehow. read some books. Sleep. And I’ll get back to it soon.

Below is a 2 page comic that I drew for Blammo 4 waaaaaay back in the day. Maybe 2 years ago? I can’t remember. I do remember drawing it though. On a winter night sitting on a futon cushion.  I’ve always really liked it. But I don’t think anybody else really cared for it. It was one of the first comics I drew that wasn’t about me, or anybody that I knew. Now, that’s really all I do. Now i just work on writing stories well. Making things up that seem believable.

WARNING: Profanity in my comics emphasize my character’s speech, and represent the way that young people in our modern age ACTUALLY talk. If this offends you, or your values, do not read further. I make zero apologies in my depiction of people.


7 Responses to “The Bad Dream.”

  1. Raighne said

    Yeah, sometimes you just gotta take a break. Whenever I get burnt out or depressed, reading helps. Reading comix specifically, always gets me out of my rut.

    When I first read this comic, it really creeped me out! I saw a dude without a nose on the bus once. Eerie feelings.

  2. sean said

    I really liked this comic the first time I read it, Noah, and I’m glad you posted it here. There are so many great things about it. The characters are believable, the dialogue rings true, and I like how the two of them are walking somewhere for much of the comic. The sudden absurd shift from realism to the nose falling off is so shocking, and then her reaction and the following panels are so poignant. It’s still one of my favorites of yours.

  3. Meg said

    I think it’s just that thing that’s striking all the amazing people this year. I’m calling it sad cartoonists disease. Seems like everyone I look up to in this industry has gotten it and it’s a bitch to get rid of.

    Ever since I picked up my first copy of Blammo at Kilgore I’ve been a huge fan of yours. You’re one of the guys that I look to for how to pull off a comic the right way. I’m seriously envious of your talent in creativity every time you post up a new page I yell loudly at my computer ” CURSE YOU VAN SCIVER! I shall never be as good as you”. It really sucks that the SCD has hit you too.

    Get that spark back anyway you can man cause a ton of people love you and can’t wait to read what you think of next.

  4. Pierce said

    That was a great story 😛

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