Back in town. Back to work.

November 10, 2011

I’m back in Denver from Minneapolis, which was the best trip I took this year. MIX is a really great show and a lot of fun. I’m slowly getting back to work on The Hypo and hopefully will be finishing it pretty soon. Every time I leave town I get asked a ton about my book, which is good! I am glad that word is spreading about it. I’ve started daydreaming about setting up signings in different cities for it when it’s out. And imagining the flyers I’ll get to draw to promote it. I hope it all turns out okay. I really have been working hard.

Here is a picture of me with a woman I don’t know, Zak Sally, Julia Wertz and John p. in Minneapolis. I stole this from somebody’s site. I’m holding a copy of Zak’s new book of Sammy the Mouse comics which is amazing!

And here I am doing a live TCJ talkies interview with Marinaomi and Mike Dawson.

Here are two pages from a chapter of  The Hypo that I’m currently working on. It takes place in the August of 1841.

Thanks for reading!


6 Responses to “Back in town. Back to work.”

  1. abrassea said

    how long did those pages take you? they look amazing.

  2. Those are some gorgeous pages, there, Mr. Van Sciver. I look forward to seeing the book.

    The lady on the left in the first photo is cartoonist Chris Monroe of the wonderful strip Violet Days:

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