Another one of those things.

January 27, 2012

I’m selling some artwork again for CHEAP.

But first a comic about my new sale:

Email me here: and tell me which drawing you want and it’s YOURS. Easy. So easy.


81/2 x11  I did this drawing for a great website. I like this drawing. It represents my struggle against my own fans. It’s a tough life, man. $30 paypal and I’ll mail it to you.


10×13?? I am too tired to remember. This is a page I cut out of The Hypo, my much anticipated Graphic Novel coming November from Fantagraphics. $50 bucks plus 5 for shipping gets you a piece of history. Looks a lot better in real life than this dime store digital photo would lead you to believe.


9×12 Who doesn’t love that dang book? Only bad people. And you aren’t a bad person are you? That’s what I thought. So, anyway, this is $25.


Same size as the other page from The Hypo. Can you believe how many pages I drew for that book that got taken out in editing? (It’s because I can’t deal with life or something. I hide behind a piece of bristol board.) Well, here’s yet another one. $50 plus 5 for shipping.

Thank you!


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